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Introducing the TEN13 Scout Referral Program

Scout Referral Program Launch

TEN13 is pleased to announce the launch of its Scout Referral Program.

Scout Referral Application Process

To make a Scout Referral, you must complete a Scout Referral application form using the Scout Referral Program form on this page and updated from time to time. If you complete a Scout Referral application form and TEN13:

  • confirms in writing that you and the company which you have referred are eligible under the Scout Referral Program; and
  • proceeds to make an investment in that company,

then you will be entitled to 5% of the “Carried Interest” from any “Distributable Cash” (as those terms are defined in the TEN13 “Investment Management Agreement” (as amended from time to time)) which is distributed to TEN13 from TEN13’s first investment in the Qualifying Company, as set out in further detail in the terms and conditions of the Scout Referral Program (Scout Benefit). Any payments from TEN13 under the Scout Benefit will be inclusive of GST, if applicable. All Scout Referrals and all payments of benefits under the Scout Referral Program are subject to the terms and conditions (as amended from time to time), which are available here.

Privacy Policy

In order to participate in this Scout Referral Program you will need to provide certain information to TEN13. Any personal information that you provide to TEN13 in relation to the Scout Referral will be collected, used and held in accordance with the TEN13 Privacy Policy which can be accessed at https://www.ten13.vc/privacy-policy.

This document is subject to TEN13’s investment disclaimers and disclosures, which can be accessed at https://www.ten13.vc/website-disclaimer.

For more information about TEN13 please visit our website or email us at [email protected].


This document does not, and is not intended to, contain any advice (including any tax, legal or financial advice).

The information contained in this document has been prepared without taking into account your or any other person’s personal objectives, personal financial situation or needs, does not purport to be comprehensive or to contain all the information you or another other person may desire or require in connection with the Scout Referral Program, and is not, and must not be construed as, tax, legal or financial product advice. You should obtain your own tax, legal, financial and other professional advice before deciding whether to participate in the Scout Referral Program.

This document is prepared by TEN13 Management Pty Ltd ACN 634 071 579 (CAR No 1298306) (TEN13), who is currently a Corporate Authorised Representative of Boutique Capital Pty Ltd ACN 621 697 621 (Australian financial services licence 508011).

TEN13 Scout Referral Program

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